Custom Uniform T&Cs

Uniform Logo Design Terms & Conditions 

Tali Katu’s PALYA uniforms will be designed specific to individual requirements/ requests to  produce a direct creative affiliation with the business/ group concept and name.  

Uniform designing has pricing variations depending on time to design, amount of designs (eg. uniforms used to identify specific sections etc), design size, colouring (standard design will  consist of 3, 4+ colours incur additional costs), and type of printing required (eg. Screen printing, sublimation and embroidery etc).  

Tali Katu Clients will be provided with three options.  

Tali Katu will liaise until client satisfaction with the design.  

Tali Katu will contribute 25% of every 100 units of PALYA uniform t-shirt or polo purchased. 

Please be advised: Tali Katu is committed to providing designs by deadlines. We generally  require a minimum 3 weeks for design process to allow for the liaising service to ensure  customer satisfaction with an additional 4-6 week manufacturing and delivery turn around  period.  

Intellectual Property 

The supply of Goods to the Buyer does not constitute a transfer of any intellectual property  rights in the Goods or any part thereof. The Buyer must not do anything inconsistent with or in  infringement of such intellectual property rights. The Seller does not warrant that the supply by  it and the use by the Buyer of the Goods does not and will not infringe the intellectual property  rights of any third party. Tali Katu preserves all intellectual copy rights of any artwork, designs  created under Tali Katu including all PALYA logo designs and branding. Tali Katu will permit  use of the Uniform logo design to the buyer after purchase. This is to ensure Artist protection  and for the initial and continuation of receiving commission from all produced Artworks that  have been  purchased.


Terms and Conditions of Purchase

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