Tali Katu Textiles & Design

I was inspired after spending many school holidays with my Dad's sister, Vicki and my cousins, Ellis, Dustin and Lowanna, in Sydney as a child and teenager. I loved hanging out in Aunty Vicki's art room to look at all the jewellery and clothing pieces she had designed. I became inspired and what emerged was the alterations I started making to barbie clothes at home when I was in primary school then in high school when I got my hands on a sewing machine.

After becoming a Mum at the age of 17, I had only ever dreamed of creating a fashion line that highlighted Traditional and contemporary Aboriginal Artwork from APY Lands.

After creating PALYA branded apparel in 2018 as a way to contribute to my community, I decided it might be time to finally take the steps to turn those young dreams into a reality.

Through small steps, the intention is to create Tali Katu's first collection which will enable me to highlight my natural talents and love for fashion design.

I would like to take this moment to acknowledge my beautiful Aunty Vicki for being courageous enough to share your natural skills and talents through fashion and accessories back in the early 90's. As the saying goes, you never know who is watching and being inspired by what you're doing. 

Not only is creating art and design healing, (and I believe an under acknowledged therapeutic practice) My brief sharing has demonstrated once again the importance of Kinship and the roles each family member plays in our lives, Love you Aunty Vicki xo 

Take care all, 

Ky xo