Welcome to Tali Katu....again

Wai.....Palya again! Or Palya to those who are just getting familiar with Tali Katu. It's such a privilege to connect with you. 

The lead up to re-launching Tali Katu was hectic to say the least. With school holidays fast approaching, and my nieces 18th to attend in Alice Springs, meant that my time would be spread thin. 

I have however managed to achieve everything I hoped for in June/ July, well almost. I have to admit that I am struggling to keep up with online marketing and social media.

While I am not currently residing in Mutitjulu - Uluru, due to limited employment options, education and extra curricular activities for my babes. I have 4 children, my eldest has just turned 20, my twin boys whom are almost 11, and my baby who just turned 4 in May. Apologies, I have a tendency to get side tracked with my stories, I promise it will wrap back around and make sense ha!

As I mentioned, I am struggling to keep up with online marketing and social media content and the reason being, kids were only back at school 20th July, I have been working on new design concepts for Tali Katu's PALYA Branded clothing and apparel, developing designs for Tali Katu's unique wholesale range, developing a new Men's Brand under Tali Katu along with making jewellery from start to finish. 

Currently, I am a one woman show, with the occasional help from the kids Dad (he mainly operates the machinery and moves heavy stuff for me). 

Due to the fact that I am not currently residing in Uluru, I will often share photo's from Mutitjulu Community owned business "Walkatjara Arts" which is a art workshop + gallery. My family go there and create beautiful pieces of art that tell stories of our Tjukurpa (Traditional Lore and creation stories).  

I have also managed to secure a deadly partnership with Central Australian Duo "Apakatjah" (bio in separate blog). I was lucky to connect with Dion and Jonzee a couple years ago at fundraising gig they performed at. I was so excited to meet them, and then got to sharing a story about how after I listened to their album on the way in to Alice Springs and was really impressed with how good their music was. I reckon their music is one of the best sounds of contemporary/ soft rock music blended with our language, I'm a huge fan!

Anyway, I was so impressed that when I found out Red Hot Chilli Peppers were touring, I thought it would be a good idea to promote Apakatjah in hopes of RHCP securing them as opening act for their upcoming tour.

After the 4.5hr travel into Alice, I decided I would have a few coldies, I then put together a deadly promotion embedded with Apakatjah music clip "Waru" an sent it off to Red Hot Chilli Peppers management over FB messenger. I woke up the next day feeling pretty pleased with myself after doing the lads such a nice favour, only to discover that I had messaged "Red Hot Chilli Pipers" - they're a Scottish Bag Pipe Group that happened to be touring Australia too, safe to say I was proper shame, and deleted the message but overtime I thought it was too good a story not to share LOL. 

So yes, have been in conversation with Dion and Jonzee from Apakatjah for some time about what a partnership might look like and I am beyond excited to announce that through our partnership, we have agreed to contribute to remote Central Australian communities from profits made from their Apakatjah Merch co-designed with Husband + Wife Alaivaa and Lara and Tali Katu. If you follow Tali Katu on Facebook and Instagram, you'll be able to find out what we're up to when we're financial enough to make the contributions. 

There's lots happening over the coming months and I look forward to sharing my business journey with you all.

Extending my sincerest gratitude for your new and continuing support. 

Palya, Ky.